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TRENDING: #LetTheEarthBreathe

How many more protests about the climate crisis do we need to stage before the rest of the world takes notice and responds in whatever ways they can? NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus’ voice has been heard all over the internet in an urgent cry for authorities to act on the climate crisis, and it appears that the government is disregarding all facts. This plea for leaders to stop using fossil fuels and for individuals to humanely euthanize the mother earth is long overdue. This should be one of the areas in which the world focuses and invests more in seeking solutions to the crisis. The way to rescue our planet has been way overdue, and immediate action is required.

Whilst individuals on the internet are busy digging for other people’s tales and businesses, there is this climate issue that has been circling, and yet we are still ignoring the shreds of evidence left before us by mother nature herself. Typhoons are on their way, with landslides and pollution on the tale, which has long been an environmental issue. Our flora and fauna are dying. We have chosen to turn a blind eye in affirming that we are suffering due to climate change from the previous years, and some, needless to say, have not fallen short in showcasing their ignorance towards the issue. Can’t you see that scientists are now protesting in order to raise public awareness about the need to stop deteriorating the natural environment? While some are striving to save the Earth by all means possible, large industries and factories are making matters worse. Today, the world is putting out a lot of effort to raise awareness by using the trend #LetTheEarthBreathe and collaborating ideas on how to save the planet. Nonetheless, some argue that individual action is insufficient if the government does nothing to address the situation. Indeed, if big industries continue to invest in fossil fuels while ignoring those who try to warn them, the people’s efforts will be futile. That is why some advocate for youth organizations and urge them to put their convictions into collective action.

The ECOSIA also uses this great opportunity to inform people on how a search engine may assist in the planting of more trees by using their site. They also offer simple solutions for people to help protect the planet:

“Install Ecosia: you don’t have to make a massive change to your daily habits or feel guilty, but you can continue using the internet knowing that you’re helping plant actual trees that benefit communities and the planet.

Get involved in your community. The local level can be the most motivating one because you can see change happen and it feels like things are moving. You don’t have to start something new – maybe there’s a neighborhood program to finance solar panels or a community garden.

Go to protests, sign petitions, pressure your politicians, and use your vote for politicians who are doing something about the climate! This takes time, and you won’t always see immediate effects – but it works to shift priorities.”

“The best moment to begin is today, and it should begin within ourselves” – this adage has been used since then, and believe it or not, it will be used in infinity to remind us that planet Earth is dying, and we must do everything we can to save it. After all, it is our home, our sanctuary, so don’t ignore all the cautions and indicators; a small step toward progress is a step toward success, and when we work together, we can accomplish great things.

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