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ECA gears for its 2022 general election

Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU) prepares itself in the upcoming 2022 El Consejo Atenista General Election to be held this May 4 to 6 through the ADZU Portal. Ateneans in different colleges are encouraged to elect their chosen heads for their Academic Organizations (AOs) for the academic year 2022-2023. Voting will be done online via the AdZU portal.  

The following is the list of the candidates and their platforms for Governor and Vice-Governor in their respective AOs. 

Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO)

Under the banner of the Union of Students for the Advancement of Democracy (USAD), student leaders Loren Joy Peralta and James Tipalan eye the position of Governor and Vice-Governor respectively. 

Governor: Loren Joy Peralta, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Level 1

Peralta insists on the reformation of the AAO Constitution and By-Laws as well as the Committees to achieve optimal efficiency, effectiveness, and preparation for the limited face-to-face classes. For better recognition and compensation, she promises the establishment of the “Hall of Tigers and Most Active Tiger Awards.” She also seeks to create a systematic process for choosing AAO representatives and aims to conduct a mini Open House. Lastly, she promises to help graduating tigers during and after college 

Vice Governor: James Tipalan, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Level 1

Tipalan offered projects including an interactive website, which they referred to as Tigers Archive, a monthly lesson for AAO students of all year levels, an open platform for students to voice their problems and suggestions, and a team-building activity to improve relationships and increase the abilities of AAO officers. Finally, he wishes to launch “CUBS: A Leadership Formation Program,” a leadership program open to all AAO first-year students.

Independent candidates Nurzaima Lahaman and Kimely Kyle Perez are also competing for the position of Governor and Vice-Governor respectively.

Governor: Nurzaima Lahaman, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Level 2

Vice-Governor: Kimely Kyle Perez, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Level 2

Both Lahaman and Perez vow on improving information dissemination through the provision of an AAO hotline and publication materials regarding monthly events and activities. They also aim to guide AAO students in the transition to face-to-face classes through organizing sessions and assigning batch representatives to monitor compliance with the health protocols. Lastly, both insist on the real-world application of the program through holding seminars and offering apprenticeships. 

Education Academic Organization (EAO)

Aiming for the Governor’s and Vice-Governor’s seat are USAD’s Cyra Love Antiquina and Bryan Vergapaeye respectively.

Governor: Cyra Love Antiquina, Bachelor of Elementary Education Level 2

Antiquina seeks to have holistic sessions for the council members, develop various programs in aiding EAO students fit to their needs and prepare them for the limited face-to-face classes. Apart from these, she also aims to strengthen the EAO Help Desk, establish mental health checkups within the community, and continue existing programs of the EAO such as the “EDUCouragement.”

Vice-Governor: Bryan Vergapa, Bachelor of Secondary Education Level 2

Vergapa intends to keep the Embers Publication and the Educators’ Association for Growth and Leadership Experiences (EAGLE) alive by encouraging more students to join, hosting seminars, and collaborating in other action-oriented events. He also wants to organize fundraisers and educational support programs to help scholars and other EAO students.

Liberal Arts Academic Organization (LAAO)

Under the banner of USAD, student leaders Ezikiel Pamaran and Edouard John Alivio also eye the position of Governor and Vice-Governor respectively.

Governor: Ezikiel Pamaran, Bachelor of Arts in English Language Study Level 2

Pamaran intends to assist SLA students by encouraging faculty to conduct course refreshers, reducing burnout and unproductivity through proper task management, strengthening bonds for refinement and opportunities with the council, department, and local government units through consultations and proper communications, and finally, launching the Unpack Your Heart program which seeks to increase student engagement.

Vice-Governor: Edouard John Alivio, Bachelor of Science in Psychology Level 1

Alivio’s goal is to help the LAAO organization generate more relevant projects, as well as aid students with job prospects and capacity-building workshops. He also intends to improve the LAAO website for greater transparency and communication, as well as develop the LAAO Academic Help Desk to address students’ academic difficulties.

Management Academic Organization (MAO)

Independent candidate Mary Angeline Fernando battles USAD’s Robbie John Lim for the position of Governor. Running alongside Lim is Junaira Mustapha running for the Vice-Governor’s seat. 

Governor: Mary Angeline Fernando, Bachelor of Science in Legal Management Level 2

Fernando commits to having MAO conduct free seminars and training programs to help students improve their skills with the help of trustworthy senior students. She also plans to perform a mock interview with the help of instructors. Such can guide students to not only prepare for jobs after graduation but also increase their confidence. She has three concrete projects in mind, including the creation of an MAO website for improved communication, the MAOpportunity Day to exhibit students’ entrepreneurial skills, and “Pay-per,” a paper waste collection campaign fundraiser.

Governor: Robbie John Lim, Bachelor of Science in Legal Management Level 1

Robbie Lim proposes that MAO students have a safe and secure platform to express their concerns and form relationships. He plans to build a year-round mentorship program to help officials improve their skills. He also favors the reorganization of MAO departments to ensure accountability, transparency, and the development of relevant programs to increase course and career-based opportunities, like internship programs.

Vice-Governor: Junaira Mustapha, Bachelor of Science in Legal Management Level 2

Mustapha promises to build, foster, and enhance a community where inclusivity and enhancement are key aspects. She intends to create projects to cater to MAO students’ needs such as a short-term leadership program to inspire MAO students to be more socially involved.

Nursing Academic Organization (NAO)

Independent candidates Wallie Sanaani Jr. and Jeremy Lim run for the position of Governor and Vice-Governor respectively.

Governor: Wallie  Sanaani Jr., Bachelor  of Science in Nursing Level 3

Vice-Governor: Jeremy Lim, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Level 1

Sanaani Jr. and Jeremy Lim outlined 5 platforms for the betterment of NAO. First, “SustaiNAObility” aims to strengthen the NAO by ensuring the continuous effectiveness of all its events, programs, and policies. Second, they want to introduce the NAO Action Team to support, fasten, and effectively conduct committee works to give the best program possible for the nursing angels to prosper. Thirdly, “NAO Mental Health” day is about acknowledging students’ mental health. Fourth, they want to widen collaboration with other organizations for the growth of the Nursing angels through the “NAO Expedition.” Lastly, they want to introduce a financial support system called the “Love Wander” to aid Nursing Angels. 

Science and Information Technology Academic Organization (SITAO)

Student leaders Justine Benedict Mendoza and Kate Ballesta are running for Governor and Vice-Governor, respectively, under the banner of the Union of Students for the Advancement of Democracy (USAD).

Governor: Justin Benedict Mendoza, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Level 2

Vice-Governor: Kate Ballesta, Bachelor of Science in Biology Level 2 

Mendoza and Ballesta both plan to improve SITAO with a three-part strategy—reboot, revamp and empower. Rebooting includes reorganizing SITAO social media accounts and welcoming new members. Apart from that, they plan to abolish irrelevant and obsolete committees and create new ones such as the Merchandise Committee and Livestream Committee for students enrolled in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) program. Revamping includes continuing and improving current SITAO projects and launching new ones such as the SITAO Survival Guide 2.0, SITAO Crash Course, Community Pantry: Google Cloud, Survival Kit and Operation “GTKYC”, and fundraising projects. Lastly, they aim to empower SITAO students and build stronger student body engagement through launching a “SITAO Insider: Podcast Series” and monthly mental health check-ups for SITAO students.

With all these candidates and their platforms, the students now have the insight of the aspirants candidates on respective positions that had been concluded and perceived in this upcoming election. Ateneans make sure to vote accordingly, vote intelligently and vote wisely.


By Asia Jainal Abidin & Kacey Marie Espartero

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